First Post- A welcome to myself!

This is my first blog post EVER and I feel that I have something to contribute that I want other people to hear. At first I thought “everyone has a blog- why would I get one?” I decided that even if these words help one person, then my mission is complete. I have learned greatly that being vulnerable is scary, yet so beautiful at the same time. I want to learn from other people through this and hope to be able to make connections. I have bigger goals to be able to set up programs that help people who have lost a parent at an early age like myself. Just shy of 6 months ago, I lost my dad to a short, yet mighty three month battle with cancer that seemed to have riddled his body before we could even realize what was happening. Each day I am learning something new about myself and others around me. While I am still dealing with this loss daily, I am growing throughout this process. I am hopeful that my experience can help someone or even be an outlet to talk to someone who understands what they are going through. I am excited for this journey to start and hope people will follow along with me.


Also- any feedback is appreciated  🙂